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For fans of One of Us Is Lying, this novel set during the summer in the small tourist town of Gold Fork features four teens all sharing one secret from their past—and one explosive truth that could change everything.

In a place like Gold Fork, sometimes a secret is the only thing that’s really yours.

Ana, Davis, Erik, and Georgie know that best. Bound together by a horrible tragedy from their pasts, they forged a friendship that has lasted through high school. In a town full of weekenders, they all know what it’s like to be dead enders, fated to stay trapped in a tourist destination for the rest of their lives.

But with the appearance of long-lost family members and an arsonist setting the town ablaze, it’s time to confront the fact that what brought them together years ago might be what ultimately tears them apart.

Because someone is keeping one last secret—a truth that could change everything.

The characters are raw, giving this clever, moving story a staggering realism in addition to being a gripping thriller and a compelling critique of society...In part coming-of-age story, mystery, and romance, this book has something for everyone.

Kirkus Review (Starred)


Saldin’s novel poignantly explores the inner lives of four teens and the darkness and poverty that lie underneath the veneer of a golden summer. This thoughtful, atmospheric read will linger with readers.

Publisher's Weekly 

Saldin offers up a twisty psychological drama that’s as much an exploration of small-town life and class dynamics as it is a mystery. From ominous beginning to full-
throttle end, it will have readers hooked.

Booklist Review

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